The many faces of the Storage Container

We’ve touched on storage container conversion before, but today we’re going to take a look at the interior design aspect of a converted unit rather than the physical conversion itself. It takes skill and an artistic eye to create a beautiful working or living space from what begins life as a metal box, and we want to recognise the achievements of those who have made it possible. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites. 

Poteet Architects Guest House

This stunning conversion by Poteet Architects includes a fresh coat of paint and plenty of cutaways on the container itself – but it’s the interior that really shines. A beautiful open-plan design with bold blues and reds keeps the unit from feeling too small, while the wood panelling on the floor and walls gives it a cabin effect from the inside – ideal for embracing that outdoorsy feeling.

Patrick Partouche Contemporary Home

This fantastic home is actually made up of several storage units stacked together, creating a massive amount of height and floor space. Designer Partouche has made good use of that height with the spiral staircase and plenty of supporting columns in bold colours, while upstairs the mezzanine platforms maintain the industrial style.

Benjamin Garcia Saxe’s Containers of Hope

The Containers of Hope cost just $40,000 to create, and offer a simple living solution that aims to reflect the outdoors as much as possible, hence the minimalist design and the focus on the wide, tall windows throughout the home. Each is built with two shipping containers – and our favourite part? The whole home is positioned so that the white walls and furniture can reflect the sunrise and sunset colours. 

Debbie Glassberg’s Kansas City Family Home

This one is a little different; here designer Debbie Glassberg has actually incorporated the material into the home with striking pastel colours, creating a very gentle twist on industrial chic and turning the five containers into a bright, beautiful living space. The open-plan layout and modern appliances contrast nicely with the 70s-style furnishings, and pastel blue colours are featured throughout the home to tie the design of the space together.


This French restaurant is unique in many ways; built inside one large shipping container, it’s also surrounded by a timber and glass frame which lights up at night. Inside, that timber is brought through into the walls and flooring, while the furnishings are modern, creating a simple yet stylish appearance throughout. The attraction here is the food, and Nouvel has certainly succeeded in ensuring that the restaurant itself is beautiful without detracting from the main star.

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