Things You May Not Consider When Renting Storage Containers

When hiring a storage container, there are a number of factors that should be considered before you go ahead with your hire. However, many facilities managers are completely unaware of them and as such they simply hire what they assume is the most appropriate sized unit for a period that they think they’ll need.

To enjoy a cost-efficient and safe hire, the following things should be considered when hiring your storage container.

Which features are important for your project?

Storage containers can be configured in a wide variety of options – with each tailored to specific end-uses. For example, standard containers are built to safely house goods and are weather-sealed. For more secure storage, a robust locking system can be fitted and supplied to your site so you don’t need to worry about sourcing your own locks. For more bespoke applications, a container can be configured to house portable offices and site accommodation – creating welfare facilities quickly to allow works to begin on a site.

Only you as the site manager will know which specific challenges your site will pose – but by conversing with an account manager here at Mobile Mini we can help tailor a storage container solution to fit your requirements and provide the features that matter most.

Dimensions & Vertical Stacking

Bigger is not always better – especially on sites with limited access and space. Often, using more compact containers but stacking them vertically may be a better choice than larger ones. Only by working with a storage container supplier can you ascertain the right way to build a system that works on your site.

Storage Container Security

When you rent shipping containers or site accommodation, the security measures of your container must be up to par with the rest of your site. If you’re working in a remote location that has no CCTV, the importance of robust security systems is even more important. Some units offer additional locking mechanisms – so decide before enquiring just how secure you need a unit to be.

How will the storage container be delivered to site?

Can the unit you’re looking at get to your site when you need it? If, for example, you are setting up a new site and need a temporary office ASAP, a longer delivery time will not be acceptable. You must also consider the actual access to site – how will a delivery work? Do you need a construction team to stabilise the site if the ground is too muddy etc? Can a loading vehicle reach the area you want the container? Can the supplier organise a safe delivery and overcome the constraints? At Mobile Mini we can help plan access and ensure delivery within very tight timeframes.

Hire period and collection

Many sites and contractors hire a container based on immediate needs. Instead, you must consider how long you will need your hire for so you can plan it in a cost-efficient way. Once the hire period is done, will you need to arrange the return or is it handled by the company? Mobile Mini offers a simple hire agreement and we will also collect from site, making it easier for you.


When looking for storage containers for rent, choose Mobile Mini. We will discuss your project as a whole, helping you consider everything that you need to when you choose a unit. From there we will take care of the planning, delivery and ongoing maintenance of your unit, making the process simple and efficient. Contact us today to get started.