Top Festival Tips

As the festival and sporting seasons are now in full swing, plenty of events will be using shipping containers to ensure that a good time is had by all.

The British Grand Prix, Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Glastonbury and the Edinburgh Festival, have all used shipping containers over the years for extra accommodation, to provide that middle ground between camping (because even “glamping” isn’t all that glamorous sometimes) and booking a hotel.

Festivals also make use of shipping containers to store technical and production equipment, keeping it safe from the elements and secure from anyone looking for an illicit souvenir. Offices for the crew, bars and food service areas, or family facilities such as baby changing are also regular festival uses for shipping containers.

As regular festival-goers ourselves, here are Mobile Mini’s top festival must-haves:

Wetwipes and hand sanitizer

You will get dirty. You will not want to queue for the showers. These will save your life. Seriously.

Head torches

The most useful thing for finding your way back to your tent, caravan, or storage container hotel in the middle of the night without tripping over absolutely everything and enraging half the campsite, head torches are a distinctly underrated festival accessory thanks to making you look ridiculous. But, to be fair, you only wear it when it’s dark – the only people who can see you are other people wearing head torches.


Although it’s not always the best idea to sleep with them in, earplugs are essential for protecting your hearing at music festivals. It gets loud, which is fun and all, but the annoying ringing sound that will be with you for days really isn’t.


Any good festival line-up will be packed to the brim with amazing things to see, but it can be a bit hard to keep track of them all. You will miss stuff. You will be lost and confused. Clashfinder General is a great resource that’s become standard for festivals – it displays everything on a timeline, divided by stages, so you can easily find the stuff you want to see and plan out your weekend. Print two copies, though, because you will obviously lose one.

Duct tape

Something will fall apart. Usually a tent or a bag or something essential. Duct tape makes everything better. Don’t use it sparingly.


These are coming back. Honestly. You can keep some of your other essentials with you at all times, and you won’t look like a geography teacher anymore. Well, maybe a bit.

No matter where you’re headed this summer, and whether you’ll be staying in a storage container or not, stay safe and have fun!