Top Five Storage Container Uses: Schools

Few places have so many component parts as a school. From the pupils to the staff, the computers and the books, the rooms, tables and chairs themselves, schools have to house an awful lot of things in order to provide the best possible education.

In fact, the amount of equipment a school needs seems to be growing by the minute, making the introduction of additional storage units a necessity – but these by no means have to take on the same role as the overflowing classroom cupboard. In fact, there’s a whole lot that can be done with the humble storage container to make it genuinely useful for a school environment – and not just in terms of storage. Here, we’ve got some of our favourite suggestions… 

PE storage

Though a storage unit would be a great solution for storing average equipment like gym mats and footballs, why not embrace the additional space a storage unit could give you and invest in some equipment your students could really get stuck into? Sports like trampolining and table tennis are universally loved by all ages – but few schools can offer such equipment because of space constraints. Why not offer something different? 

Emergency classrooms

There will always be those unavoidable situations where you need to look at alternate options in terms of teaching space. Whatever the reason may be, a humble office unit can offer the means of a classroom on a temporary or more permanent basis. 

After school clubs

Once the school day is done, the last thing kids want to do is spend yet more time in a conventional classroom. Many after school clubs rely on empty classroom space when it comes to taking care of children at the end of the day, but wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a dedicated ‘clubhouse’ for attendees to go?

A converted storage container could provide a modern and useful space for such a club, providing space for toys and games to be stored away from the classroom. You could even integrate an urban garden on the roofspace! However you decide to best convert a container, bright colours, cool seating options and hands-on elements will always be a success.

Classroom storage

Exams can be stressful enough for a school – not only do you have to bring invigilators in, manage the arrival and departure of exam papers and ensure all the strict rules are adhered to, special equipment is also required. Additional materials such as specialist papers, stationary and exercise books are always required, as well as exam desks and chairs – extra space would always be appreciated. What’s more, that space needs to be watertight and secure – a job that a storage container would fit perfectly.

Get inventive!

Why not go the whole hog and get the pupils involved with an entire conversion effort, taking a storage container and making it into a sensory wonderland? Not only could it be the basis for an educational garden, it could be a play area (much like this Cape Town example), reading nook or research hub – the options are endless!