Top Ten Safest Places

Danger Safe traffic sign with reflection isolated on white backg

Here at Mobile Mini, we’re proud of our unique safe locking system, and now that all the scary Halloween festivities, gory masks and makeup have been safely packed away for another year, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate the top ten safest places to be – as well as in a Mobile Mini container!

1)      In a Volvo V40 Hatchback

Deemed one of the safest cars by, the Volvo V40 has scored very well under the scrutiny of Euro NCAP, making it one of the safest cars currently on the market. Take a look here.

2)      With the Beckhams

That’s right, David Beckham and his wife Victoria are reported to invest around $1 million each year in their security. This includes protecting their numerous homes, as well as making sure their four children are safe, too.

3)      In Wokingham in Berkshire

The Telegraph reports that Wokingham is one of the safest places to live in the UK. Taking into account several factors including the levels of crime and the local amenities, it sounds like it would be pretty nice to be tucked away in Berkshire.

4)      In an Apocalypse Survival Pod

You heard it! Created by a farmer and furniture maker in China, pods have been created to withstand end-of-the-world type terrors such as 1,000-foot waves and shocking earthquakes. Now of course the pods haven’t been officially proven to cope, given that the world is still turning, but should such an event arise, it wouldn’t be a bad place to be!

5)      In Cheyenne Mountain 

This nuclear bunker situated in Colorado was once the home to the United States Northern Command, and is said to be able to withstand a nuclear detonation.

6)      In Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a US Army post in Kentucky, famed for its complex security. It’s home to the Bullion Depository, which is said to include US gold and other precious items. Although this is just speculation, as what is actually in there is unknown – talk about secure!

7)      In Japan

Japan is one of the safest places to be in the world. Law-enforcement are said to have high-authority and are well-respected.

8)      Sat at the back of Air Force One

Security-wise, Air Force One is one of the safest planes in the world, as it refers to the specific aircraft created to carry the President of the United States. It features high-tech defense systems, protective shielding that can withstand the after effects of a nuclear blast and plenty of communication devices. Along with this, statistically, if a plane were to crash the safest place to be seated would be at the rear of the plane.

9)      In Quatar

In terms of exposure to natural hazards (such as earthquakes, droughts and rising sea levels), the country of Quatar has been rated the safest place by the most recent WorldRiskReport. The report takes into consideration factors such as coping capabilities, susceptibility and exposure.

10)  A Mobile Mini storage container!

With our unique Tri-Cam locking system and Container Guard, your belongings are sure to be safe in a Mobile Mini container. As well as being wind and water tight, our unique system acts like a bank vault, locking at three internal points.