Top Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

Many of us associate decluttering our homes with the ubiquitous ‘spring clean’. But as we accumulate more belongings, it often becomes necessary to spend time decluttering throughout the year. With summer well and truly here, now’s the perfect time to get motivated to spruce up your homes and gardens if you haven’t already!

We asked a handful of lifestyle bloggers for their ultimate tips on how to declutter your home – from taking advantage of loft space and self-storage to making the decision to just get rid of the things you don’t need.

Are you a hoarder?

Scan your room, have a look in your drawers and under your bed, and take note of all the stuff you have, hidden or otherwise. Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you used that item at the back of the cupboard, or on top of the wardrobe? If you can’t remember, it could be time to part ways with those unused belongings.

Katie, author of the blog Gold Dust, suggests that if you haven’t worn an item for three years, then donate it to charity or try selling it. In her blog A Life With Frills, Laura says “don’t be afraid to streamline and get rid of things that you had forgotten you had”. 

Does it need to be on display?

There’s no need to turn your home into a shrine to minimalism, but rather than having lots of things on show, why not choose just a few of your favourite belongings for everyone to see? You don’t necessarily have to give the other things away, but as Katie advises, “not everything you love needs to be on display. Rotate your items every now and again if you can’t bear to get rid.”

Alternative larger spaces

Many of us have a loft, a cellar or a garden shed to help us to store items we don’t use on a day-to-day basis. If you’re fortunate enough to have this extra space, make the most of it! Before storing more things away in places such as a loft however, Zoe, the author of What the Redhead said, advises you to “throw things away, sell things and make sure that everything left in the loft is actually things that you need or want – not just clutter gathering dust.”

It’s also worth considering putting your belongings into self-storage. With a variety of different sized units available at self-storage branches across the UK, you can find a unit to suit your needs. Weekly contracts and access during business hours also make self-storage units an attractive option for those looking for a flexible and easy way to declutter their homes.

Alternative smaller spaces

There are plenty of other ways you can declutter your home, on a smaller scale. In her blog How I Wear, Nisha suggests organising your possessions into storage bins, wicker baskets, and drawer dividers for a tidy home.

In Rhianna’s blog Robowecop, she suggests dividing your home into zones to help you organise the space in your home. You could dedicate a zone for work and any important documents for example, and another zone set up specifically to allow you unwind – think comfy chair, books and candles. To freshen up your kitchen, you could replace ugly looking cartons and half-filled bottles with pretty, stylish and chic bottle storage suggests Emma, author of What Emma Did. 

And finally…

Don’t set yourself unrealistic targets when tackling your clutter – it’ll only make you feel miserable. “No one can focus on a single task for eight plus hours, says Nisha. “It’s much better to set aside a few hours when you can, and focus on one room. This also gives you a chance to deep clean areas that don’t normally get cleaned, such as the airing cupboard or under the bed.”

So there we have it, a few top tips to help you declutter your home and find ways to store your stuff.