Trucking success story

With our storage containers and portable accommodation units ranging from 10ft to 40ft long, plus everything in between, getting containers to customers as quickly and easily as possible is key to our commitment to customer service.


Our own dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles is a key part of our commitment to customers and providing exceptional customer service.


Trucking good

When we’re out on the road, we want to make sure our units and our trucks are looking good – it’s the first thing people see on site and as they say, first impressions count! But it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts.


In 2018, we invested £1.4million in growing our fleet of Scania delivery trucks to not only increase operational efficiency and customer service, but also safety.


The fleet, the largest of its kind in the UK, puts safety first with all new trucks fitted with the HALO cycle warning system, featuring four ultrasonic sensors to alert drivers to bicycles and pedestrians, an audible and visual turning warning and an in-cab monitor that provides the driver with a 360-degree view. Additionally, high-intensity LEDs leave a ‘halo’ on the ground to alert cyclists to the truck’s presence in the dark.


Not only helping our team, the fully automated telematics system, which is fitted to our entire fleet, monitors driver styles and behaviours which not only improves safety but has contributed to a 10 per cent reduction in miles per gallon.



Going for gold

Being the only company in our industry to boast a record six Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) gold standards is an honour we are very passionate about maintaining.


The voluntary accreditation scheme, operated by Transport for London, aims to drive up standards among commercial vehicle operators that need to demonstrate meaningful improvements in safety, environmental impact and efficiency to achieve gold status.


Our fleet, which includes two 32T GVW 8-wheelers with FASSI820 cranes and front mounted legs, is also Community Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) compliant, thanks to improved vulnerable road user safety systems, improved ergonomic design, crane mounted work lights, automatic anti-idling devices, driver behaviour telematics and remote tachograph downloading functionality.


As a contractual condition for many clients when delivering to their sites, the FORS standard has been a catalyst to our advances in vehicle technology and focus on people and processes.


Talent spotting

It’s a well-known fact that the haulage industry is facing a significant shortage in career drivers, which is why do all we can to hire and train, in our opinion, the best team of drivers around.


In 2016, we launched our Driver Development Programme in direct response to this shortage and recruitment challenges, to train aspiring drivers to our own exacting standards.


The programme enables us to develop the talented people we already have in the company to provide them with a great opportunity to grow and develop their career with us.


All training is funded by us and not only includes all skills and certificates to set students off on the truck driver career path, but also a mentoring scheme and development in customer service – a key element with drivers often being the only face our customers see on site.


But it’s not only new drivers that we can train! Rachel Woodward, our first female driver, came to us with all the HGV driving skills needed, but we were able to support her through training needed to carry out lifting operations.



By having our own fleet, and programmes to deliver exceptional training to our drivers, we are able to ensure that the standards we set are delivered along with our units.