What is a Welfare Unit?

A welfare unit is a compact and capable way of providing the necessary facilities on a construction site. They can be static or mobile, are self-contained, and designed to suit the welfare needs of staff throughout the course of a project.

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Why Do You Need a Welfare Unit?

If you’ve ever been on a construction site you’ll know that they can be cold, muddy, dusty, and altogether difficult environments to work in. In that case, you’ll want something that will give you and your workers a place to sit comfortably, eat, and relax. Your welfare unit can be used on a morning to make tea and coffee, as a place for you to debrief your staff, hold meetings, and sit down and have lunch.

What do HSE guidelines say?

The law now firmly states that clients and contractors must provide welfare facilities on projects longer than 30 days and that arrangements must be made for this before the project’s starting date.

Throughout the course of the project, contractors must ensure that the facilities are kept in good condition. For mobile teams that work in multiple locations, these facilities can be placed in a location that is accessible within a reasonable distance.

The nature and scale of the facilities that are required depend on the size, location, and type of project that is planned. Every person working on a construction site must have access to toilet and washing facilities, drinking water, hot water, an area to prepare and eat food, a place to store and dry clothing alongside the necessary personal protective equipment.

  • Toilet Facilities

Toilets in welfare units should be ventilated, well lit, and clean. Workers must be able to wash their hands immediately after using the toilet or urinal.

  • Washing Facilities

These must be kept clean and orderly, including basins and sinks that are large enough for people to wash their face, hands, and forearms. They should include hot and cold water, soap, towels, and showers if the workplace is particularly dirty or requires decontamination.

  • Drinking Water

Drinking water must be readily accessible and cups are required unless people can easily drink from a jet.

  • Changing Rooms

If workers must wear special clothing for the job then changing rooms must be provided. These must include seating, means of drying, and somewhere to keep personal items secure.

  • Rest Facilities

Areas that are equipped with tables and seating are required, sufficient for the number of people that are using them at any one time. There should be a place to prepare and eat meals, including somewhere to boil water. In the winter, heating must be provided.

Welfare Units at Mobile Mini

Providing your staff with adequate welfare facilities is not only a legal requirement but will ensure that your staff remain onsite for a longer period of time. It will also give you a firm base to manage the site effectively, without having to commute to and from a different building each day.

Every welfare unit provided by Mobile Mini complies with all relevant health and safety legislation. Units are made from full steel, with anti-vandal construction to ensure safety and security on any site. Choose between a 20ftx9ft unit that includes canteen facilities, toilet, drying room and integral water and waste tanks or a 26ftx10ft unit that has the addition of an office. Alternatively if you’re looking for larger facilities, set up a site welfare compound for your employees, using a wide range of our site accommodation units.