What to consider when planning a site office

A successful construction site is all about planning. From health and safety through to storage and the actual project construction phases itself, plans must be comprehensive and contain contingencies to ensure productivity is maintained.

One thing that must be planned thoroughly is your site office. A site’s office must offer a combination of security, amenity and visibility.


Site offices must be extremely secure – against thefts that may occur out of normal working hours and against more determined attacks that can take place on weekends and other longer periods of downtime. Considering offices often hold valuable electronics and essential documents, security against both theft and vandalism is vital.

It’s no surprise then that many site offices are made from durable steel shipping containers – built specifically to function as an office with work space and other amenities. Created from ultra-durable steel and a robust locking mechanism, portable offices to hire provide total protection for occupants and valuables.


Even when the rest of a site is called off due to bad weather, the site office will often still be operational. Protection against the elements is key and as with the security issues outlined above, durable steel shipping container site offices are the best choice. Totally weather-sealed, portable offices can be hired to protect your equipment from damage and keep occupants dry.

Vital Equipment & Information

The HSE will expect certain items and information to be displayed in your site office. Not having them can lead to hefty fines.

A site office must be equipped with a first aid kit that is easily accessed and intact. Housing it in your site office means it can be kept secure, dry and in good condition.

Your site office should also have a fire extinguisher to use in case of emergencies, with more extinguishers placed elsewhere around the site if possible.

Information To Display

Your site office is the hub of activity on the site – so place your most important signage on display. A sign-in and out device (whether it’s a digital timesheet or a physical visitor’s book) should be placed in the office where it can be kept safe and referenced whenever an emergency strikes. Documents you need to house include an accident log, induction forms, H&S policy, construction phase plan, risk assessments, method statements, work permits, training records and a site register.

Your site office is also the most logical place to display a notice board to ensure members of your team are fully aware of the rules and regulations of your site.

You should also keep spare PPE safe and dry in your site office so it can be used by visitors.

Workspace + Accessibility

A site office isn’t just about what it’s made of. It must also facilitate work by having the right amenities located close by. A site office can be planned around a number of additional units such as a portable drying room, shower unit and toilet so employees have everything they need in one centralised hub.

Visibility from the office is often an issue, which is why our units have double-glazed windows that allow occupants to see the rest of their site. We offer a combined site office/store that combines storage for equipment and an office space, cutting down on overall hire costs.

When planning a site office, choose Mobile Mini’s portable offices for rent to create a safe, secure site. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more or get our advice on your next site.