Who Needs A Garage?

An increasing trend in recent years is private conversion of shipping containers – DIY ‘containertecture’, as it is known on many social networks. Shipping containers around the world have been converted into sheds, summer houses and garages.

Demand for containers like this in the UK is driven in a large part by a lack of garage space in the average home. Many households do not have a garage and, of the ones that do, over 70% are not used to store cars. Instead, the garages are all too often used to store junk, old bikes and disused garden furniture or tools.

Storage containers are a great solution. Moving all your garage belongings into a container, either on your property or in a self-storage facility, frees up your garage for its proper use – storing your car. Containers also solve another issue, as lack of garage space adds to car congestion in residential areas, where increasing numbers of people are having to park on the street outside their house.

If you aren’t interested in returning your garage to it’s original use, you may want to consider a storage container anyway. An empty garage could be converted into a new room in your house, adding value to your property. If you don’t think this is a practical option due to the sheer amount of stuff you have in your garage, think again. A standard 20ft storage container has a capacity of over 1100 cubic metres and can store an incredible amount of household belongings.

Another option is to keep your garage for storage and convert a storage container for storing your car. Building a container garage is not without its problems though, as storage containers are meant to contain lots of things at a time. If a container is only used to store a car, the masses of empty space will result in a large buildup of condensation on the inside of the container walls, which can rust your vehicle. To avoid this, a container garage should be properly ventilated and have a good airflow. Also, if you don’t insulate a container properly it will be like a walk-in freezer in the winter and like a sauna in the summer, two extreme temperatures, neither of which are ideal conditions to keep a car in.

If you are interested in hiring a container or undertaking your own DIY containertecture, why not view our containers for sale. If you need any other help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.