Why Everyone Should Have a Job in Sales at Some Point

A career in sales can sometimes be overlooked – the role doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. People don’t realise the fantastic benefits and opportunities of sales, it can even help you move into other lines of work. It’s certainly one to be considered, so whether you’ve got years of experience or just starting your career, why not give it a go?

Grow Your Skills

A sales role will most definitely offer you the chance to grow your skills in many different areas. Sales itself is an essential skill to help you in multiple positions; for example, did you know sales has a close connection with marketing? As well as this, skills such as persuasion and negotiation will undoubtedly improve, which may be a useful bonus outside of work too! Not only will a job in sales increase your specific skill set, but also boost your self-confidence in life. A sales role with Mobile Mini helps to improve all these skills, as well as offering great personal growth opportunities. A huge advantage of this is that the transferable skills gained will help you progress your career in virtually any direction you desire.

Expand Your Relationships

An evident perk of sales is the vast networks you will undoubtedly form throughout your career. Every day you are dealing with different people with different needs, unlike some jobs where you may be talking to the same people every day. This allows for building strong relationships as you are constantly communicating with a range of new people. Our sales representatives at Mobile Mini maximise every opportunity by building excellent relationships within a fast paced and friendly environment.

Due to the nature of this role, effective communication is vital – the recipe for success. Mobile Mini seeks to hire sales people with good communication skills and the ability to converse with people on every level. This is a fantastic skill to have, and something that will constantly improve throughout your sales career.

Reap the Rewards from Achieving Results

One of the biggest benefits of working in sales is how rewarding it is. You can really see and feel your hard work pay off and the more you put into it, the more you get out. Performance is continually rewarded, and most sales roles offer fantastic perks due to the results driven nature. Mobile Mini are always on the lookout for new results driven sales people to join the team, who want to work in a thriving competitive market. We love to recognise our employees and reward them for their hard work. Therefore, all the team are eligible for either the company bonus scheme or commission scheme. This means the sales team at Mobile Mini are always acknowledged for their success to ensure they have a feeling of accomplishment and pride at work. This ultimately improves self confidence in the role.


It’s plain to see that a career in sales is more than meets the eye. The satisfaction of the job, tangible rewards and fantastic prospects are all reasons why it is good to work in sales.

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